Eleven Magazine Review

Eleven Magazine is a music publication located in St. Louis, Missouri.

While the story and pictures are great, it’s the music that is the real star here. The songs are lush and gentle, with a strong lyrical backbone that encompasses a more expansive and abstract take on the themes in the story. The music has a hint of an Americana lilt, but with deep, layered soundscapes. It’s not exactly Son Volt or Pink Floyd, but resides in the space between those two poles, maybe not so far from the realms of Bon Iver and Andrew Bird.


Deeds' songwriting is excellent both in form and function, which are equally important in a project like this. It’s easy for a songwriter and author to come across as trite when tackling grand subjects like this, but there is none of that here: the lyrics are emotional and the vocals are especially strong and pleading, perfectly evoking the depth of the question at hand and the very personal, yet absolutely universal quest to answer it.


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