Reviews of Shaman of the Creek

Wanted to give everyone an update on all the reviews I've gotten so far for my new single "Shaman of the Creek". Here is what people are saying: 

Eleven Magazine

"If you've been down a quart of dreamy folk storytelling, you're in luck, STEVEN DEEDS' new single "Shaman of the Creek" is an exquisitely atmospheric walk along a river's edge through dewy trees, half lost in the fog. The palette is acoustic guitar, wind chimes, brushes on snare drum, and the effect is intoxicating"

The Modern Folk

"...The song has expansive, mystical new age folk vibes to go with the arcane title. ... the song begins with silvery finger-picked guitar, which is joined by atmospheric strings, water noises, ghostly vocals, distant bells and chimes, a snare drum rustling like dry leaves ... all manner of musical touches that help to create a magical but earthly atmosphere."

Music Box Pete

"...a mystical, ever flowing track that is as pure as the waterfalls with stunning and breathtaking musical imagery omni-present throughout, coupled with Steven's airy and impeccable vocal presence that makes this song an otherworldly delight that you can't possibly ignore. It's not too often we encounter singer-songwriters who are able to incorporate elements of nature around them, but Steven manages to accomplish this with such authenticity that it almost feels like Steven is actually outside recording this in the open. My jaw dropped immediately when I first heard this song, and I was impressed with the way Steven presented himself and the manner in which he was able to incorporate the environment all around him to create something truly spectacular, unique, and one that everyone around can appreciate. An amazingly gifted singer-songwriter you should definitely be checking out now."

If you haven't given it a listen yet, give it a listen here: