It's new to me. 

I had my first anxiety attack last winter.
Right after Christmas. 
Too intense to put into words, but
I wouldn't wish it on anyone. 
Tunnel, blurred vision, heart attack feelings, the whole 9. 

Since then it's been a regular deal.
Always gotta keep a Xanax nearby.
They don't fix it, damn it.
They just
For a time
(Shorter than I'd like)
Keep me from caring about it so much.

Writing is a better medicine. 
It helps more than most, although
It's never enough, there's
Always more to write
Always more to set loose
Always some reason I'm
Edging on another


March 2016 Tour Recap

Thank You! 

Thank you to everyone who came out to one of the shows on this tour to help support my music and make this tour a great success! Thought I'd fill you guys in on some of the cool shit I got to see and do on this tour! 


As the tour progressed, I felt more and more like I had become apart of this weird traveling circus, as each night, we seemed to participate in some form of side-show magic. 

The first night out, Chris realized he could stick a nail through his nose... Watch Below: 

#nailtrix @cbauerphoto

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For the rest of the tour, Chris was trying to stretch his nose out, so one day he can fit an entire condom of cocaine inside his nasal passages, for safe keeping, as he flies internationally. 

We learned how to walk on glass, spit fire and sit on a bed of nails: 

this tour is turning into a freak show @themegthatsews walking on glass. see you tonight Peoria!

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Thanks to my old friend Megan, who is a professional side-show performer, chris learned that spitting fire, takes practice and makes your mouth taste funny, and I found out that laying on a bed of nails is an uncomfortable feeling that I only want to endure... never again...

I found the Shaman Of The Creek...

I was scheduled to play for some beautiful people at a wonderful home, which I am very grateful to have been invited to play. There I found a painting that was strangely familiar in nature... 

the #shamanofthecreek showed up

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After the show, we saw some real professionals at work.. 

The host of the show at "The Ego Shed", asked some of his talented friends to do some fire spinning, spitting, breathing and poi. By this time, I was wondering how this tour turning into a circus. 

A well balanced diet includes a little fire. 🔥

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So that was pretty dope, the next day we went to Chicago, and I have to express how much I absolutely despise the Chicago roadway, and it's drivers need to get somewhere RIGHT DAMN NOW. Just chill guys... it'll be okay, you'll get there... and I would prefer it if I didn't have to pay $10 in and $10 out, just to see you great people... maybe talk to your mayor about that. 

Was introduced to, and opened for a talented group of people in The Island of Misfit Toys at "Gnarnia", C Bauer Photography, caught this cool shot of people listening intently: 

For 1 night only... Home, aka, STL... for SECRET SHOW! 

Well, it was time to leave Chicago, and pay the stupid tolls, and head back home, for 1 night, before continuing on the routing. 

Well, shit... 

We were driving down the interstate, and all of a sudden, the car dies... So we had to get it towed to a nearby shop, and they were able to thankfully address the small problem very quickly, so we could be back on our way to secret show... 



We made it to Secret Show! 

Secret Show is a one of a kind, intimate playing experience and it was great to be around my close friends to play a fun show. The Leonas and Marble // Wall Duo were both so great, as well as the opener Scott McNew, and Inside Voice, all from St. Louis. 

#artfromlastnight 💕 @stevendeeds brings all the feels

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Onward to Georgia! 

But first, a quick stop in Nashville to sing everyone to sleep... 

Steven over Nashville playing us all a song.

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We drove through the night, with the plans to camp under the stars, at a lake in Georgia, and we did just that... 

Stopped for the night at Lake Lanier, GA

It felt like home.

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And woke up, ready for a day of hiking before the show later... 

We decided to make our way around the lake, to see what all this area of Georgia had to offer, and it did not disappoint. 

At the end of the day, it was time for us to head over to The Rustic Couch. Pretty great show, but what happened next was even better! 

"Let us put you up in a Sauna"... 

What?! Apparently things exist that are basically heaven. The owner of The Rustic Couch, graciously offered to pay our entry fees into, what I would call a "Day Spa", although they referred to it as a "sauna". 

Essentially, here's the drill. For $25 bucks, you get a uniform that consists of a pair of shorts, and a tshirt, and you get access to the facility. There is a guys and girls section, and then a common area. There are places to eat, sleep, shower... there's a hot tub, a cold tub, a steam room, and at least 10 different types of saunas, which differed mostly in what was on the inside. One was a Himalayan Pink salt room, where pink salt covered the entire inside, and the experience was other worldly. Another was a coal room, another clay, another filled with jewels and herbs. They even had two igloos! This place was nuts. 

And at bed time, everyone slept side by side, on comfy mats, with heated floors, and comfy blankets:

Then it was time to go... but what now? We've got a few days before the next show.. 


found the ocean #shrimp

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We drove through the night until we hit water in Biloxi, MS. The area was interesting. People talked about how they were devastated by Katrina, which was interesting to me, because I only thought of Katrina as a New Orleans thing, until this moment. I didn't realize just how many communities were effected by this crazy storm. 

2 Shows Left, Nashville, Here I come! 

I was fortunate enough to play at Two Old Hippies in Nashville, and had a lot of fun playing with Nashville local, Jessie Villa.

❤️ Yesterday at Two Old Hippies.

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Of course, we had been getting our fill of Yuengling... 

A cheap beer which is yet unavailable in the STL area, and is prized for it's crisp southern gold.  

Santa Claus is coming to town.

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Last Show, Characters in Centralia

I finished off the tour in a place where I used to play many many shows... Characters, Beyond Books in Centralia, a wonderful coffee shop & book store, which is a stronghold of good art in an otherwise dull community. It holds a very special place in my heart, and I was honored to play there again. 

Thanks again! 

Thanks again to everyone who came out to see me and I would love to see you all on the next tour, which might be sooner than you think! ;)